Disclaimer: Chic Liquidation, LLC is a wholesale liquidation company. We do not operate as authorized resellers or distributors of the products listed or sold by Chic Liquidation, LLC. Our inventory is acquired from authorized resellers,  authorized distributors, wholesalers, liquidators, and brokers.


Please note: The items sold by Chic Liquidation, LLC are not sold in their original packaging or under the original manufacturer's warranty. As the buyer, you are not eligible to make any claims against the  brand, manufacturer or Chic Liquidation, LLC. When acquiring liquidated merchandise, it is important to understand that we do not possess the authorization or authority to grant individuals or businesses permission to distribute, drop ship, export, or resell these products. This includes in person or online through any online marketplace, auction, or third-party website. 


We do not engage in repackaging, altering, or misrepresenting the brand or product. Moreover, we do not endorse, suggest, or give consent to our customers to perform any of the aforementioned activities.


Chic Liquidation, LLC does not offer any guarantees on items sold and does not assume any liabilities associated with the purchase or distribution of liquidation items. By making a purchase from Chic Liquidation, LLC, you acknowledge and agree that you are not an authorized agent or employee of Chic Liquidation, LLC or the original manufacturer or brand of the item purchased.